Mirala Nuvali Lot For Sale Across The Park

  • ₱12,930,000
  • ₱30,000/sqm
Mirala, Calamba, Laguna, Calabarzon, Philippines
Sold Not Available
Mirala, Calamba, Laguna, Calabarzon, Philippines
  • ₱12,930,000
  • ₱30,000/sqm


Property ID: USVL2623
  • Lot, Residential
  • Property Type


Updated on March 5, 2024 at 7:01 am
  • Property ID: USVL2623
  • Price: ₱12,930,000
  • Lot Area: 431 sqm
  • Property Type: Lot, Residential
  • Property Status: Sold


Mirala Nuvali Lot For Sale Across The Park

  • Land Area: 431 sqm
  • Fronting a pocket park
  • Lot sits on a high elevation of 193-195m above mean sea level. Imagine Ayala Triangle’s Tower One is 160m high, this lot is still 30 meters higher than that. Imagine the views of this Mirala Lot for Sale.
  • Lot is Facing East – Facing east is preferred for lots in Feng Shui for several reasons.
    1. Firstly, an east-facing house means that the entrance faces the rising sun, which is associated with positive energy, good luck, harmonious family relationships, good health, and prosperity.
    2. Additionally, an east-facing house activates the wood element and is connected to the area of the Feng Shui bagua called Zhen, which represents new beginnings and family.
    3. This direction is also believed to be ideal for nourishing and supporting new endeavors, making it particularly supportive for those looking to start a new enterprise.Therefore, based on Feng Shui principles, facing east is considered auspicious for creating a harmonious and positive environment in the home.
  • Lot # ends in 8 – Why is it good?
    1. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the number 8 is considered extremely lucky and auspicious.
    2. It is associated with wealth and prosperity, and its pronunciation in Chinese sounds similar to the word for “prosperous growth.”
    3. The number 8 is widely used in Feng Shui applications, such as for bank accounts, phone numbers, home and business addresses, and wedding dates, due to its powerful luck energy.
    4. Additionally, in Feng Shui, the Kua number 8 is associated with auspicious directions for prosperity, health, and personal growth. Therefore, based on Chinese cultural beliefs and Feng Shui principles, the number 8 is indeed considered lucky.
  • Lot is tumbok – To improve the energy of a T-junction lot according to Feng Shui, several remedies and adjustments can be applied. Some of the ways to enhance the Feng Shui of a T-junction lot include:
    1. Curved Pathway Design: Including curved pathways to slow down the energy flow and create a more meandering path.
    2. Strategic Landscaping: Utilizing landscaping elements such as plants, trees, or fences to deflect or neutralize the negative energy.
    3. Protective Barriers: Erecting a yellow wall, which acts as a literal and energetic barrier, to link the energies of the structures and maintain a healthy boundary between chaos and harmony.
    4. Convex Bagua Mirror: Hanging a convex bagua mirror above the front door to deflect the harsh energy from the road.
    5. Reducing Traffic Impact: Living in a neighborhood with lighter traffic flow, as less traffic and a slower pace of cars are considered better for the Feng Shui of a T-junction lot. *This lot is in a neighborhood with light traffic flow.

Overall, this lot is in one of the best villages in Nuvali, and has a nice location in Mirala Nuvali.

This Mirala Nuvali Lot For Sale Across The Park is just across a pocket park and facing east. Located in Calamba, Laguna, Mirala Nuvali promotes a parkside living experience.  This 29.5-hectare community provides the balance between a lifestyle of responsibility and sustainability that thrives in an environment of diverse spaces. It is also near to Nuvali’s establishments, such as:


  • Central Business District and Lakeside Evozone
  • One and Two Evotech
  • Nuvali Eastbloc
  • Nuvali Central Bloc


  • Everest Academy-NUVALI
  • Miriam College-NUVALI
  • Xavier School-NUVALI


Retail, Hospitality, and Special Interest

  • Evoliving Center
  • Solenad NUVALI
  • The Monochrome Events Place

Outdoor Adventure and Nature Destinations

  • Evozone Multi-functional Lake
  • Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary
  • Greens & Patches
  • T.R.E.E. (Together Reforesting Earth’s Environment) Program
  • Running trail
  • Tree-lined pedestrian lanes, jogging paths, and urban bike lanes

Mirala Nuvali is also just a 39 min (33.7 km) drive to Alabang, where commercials such as Festival Mall and Alabang Town Center are located.


Central Park

  • The Clubhouse
    – Multiple alfresco lanais with views of the infinity pool and The Grand Lawn
    – Function rooms with outdoor spill-over areas
    – Fitness Gym
    – Infinity lap and lounge pools
    – Sunken pool lounge
    – Kiddie pool
  • The Grand Lawn
    – Garden nooks
    – Hammock grove
    – Outdoor children’s play area
    – Picnic grounds

Linear park network

  • Backyard spill-over lawns
  • Prairie walks
  • Convergence nooks with park benches and picnic tables
  • Organized bike and marathon trails
  • Meandering parks and greenways

Pocket parks

  • Basketball court
  • Outdoor play area
  • Garden lawns
  • Village gazebos

Deed Of Restrictions:

All housing structure shall be constructed at a distance of of not less than 3.0 meters from the boundary of the lot fronting or bordering a street or park, and 2.0 meters from other boundaries not fronting or bordering a street or park.

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